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System Architecture

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Cross World Live Chat:


Second Life Interface:


At the viewing location a microphone object will exist. The microphone object will have an llListen to listen for what everyone is saying and will use HTTPRequest polling to send the conversations to the communications server.


It also listens for incoming XML-RPC data from the Comms server, which is carrying messages generated in WoW. When it receives a chat message from WoW it uses llSay to let everyone at the Second Life venue hear it.


WOW Interface:


A custom LUA interface object is required. The object will have a text field and a display box. It will listen for messages from the communication server and display them in the display box. It will send any text in the text box to the communications server for relay to Second Life


Communications Server:


A central communications server will exist to broker messages from a Second Life object and send them to a Lua UI interface in WoW. It will receive messages from Second Life via HTTPRequest, and will send messages to Second Life using XML-RPC. It will listen and sent messages to the LUA GUI via HTTP (?).


Communication Path:




  • SL User speaks to microphone
  • Microphone sends text to communications server
  • Communications Sever sends the text to the LUA Widget
  • LUA Widget displays text




  • WOW player types in LUA Widget text box and hits enter
  • LUA object sends message to communications server
  • Communications server sends the message to the microphone object in SL
  • Microphone object in SL, speaks the text

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