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Streaming servers

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

We anticipate this will be a very popular event driving lots of traffic to the video and audio feeds. Do you have streaming servers to volunteer for SLoW use?


Some questions:

  • Does anyone have the possiblity to offer a scalable system i.e. something like S3 from Amazon or Media Temples' Grid-Server?
  • Where could the material be archived? Some suggestions: Internet Archive, Ourmedia, in Europe we have something like Video Active
  • How could traffic be reduced? There is i.e. Coral Content Distribution Network which is some sort of peer-to-peer content distribution network which can handle files up to 50MB
  • Which software can be used for the live-encoding? Some suggestions: a) Transcode, which is command-line driven and can be clustered, b) FFmpeg server
  • What kind of media-formats have to be converted? Input? Output?

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