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SLoW cross-world elements and ideas

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

__For sure:__


•Streaming live video from WoW into SL

•Connecting chat between the two worlds (so far we have someone who thinks they can do this on a delay. do any of you le3t haxxors have a way to realtime it?)


•WoW themed creations in SL

•A WoW Quest system in SL--can be both a game and a familiar way to introduce WoW players to SL. check out the pic below. thanks, Jonas!


__Dream list (please add to and volunteer to work on):__


•SL HUD (heads-up display like the ones here) that helps avatars in SL navigate the SLoW event and media feeds

•Games in SL inspired by WoW (combat, etc.)

•Recreations of WoW environments

•WoW guild comprised of SL players (these have existed as with the Feted Inner Horde, but not sure what's up now)

The Great SLEALASHOW! lol Anyone play The Sims Online?


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