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__Second Life of Warcraft (SLoW)__


(left to right, pics taken from 1, 2, 3)


World of Warcraft is among the most popular massively multi-player games of all time with 7 million players spending countless hours immersed in a 3D fantasy world while working in teams to solve complex and challenging quests. Second Life is currently the most advanced virtual world platform with over 1,000,000 registered accounts whose residents can create, own, buy and sell whatever they want in an economy translatable to US dollars (SL economy stats) in a growing world that's becoming progressively open to the Web.


SL and WoW respectively represent the state of the art in the narrative and non-narrative, game and non-game metaverse, but their cultures, aims, and the experiences they provide are dramatically different. WoW players often dis on SL users ("Oh, it's just a boring social world"), and vice verse ("You can't *do* anything in WoW"), perhaps based partly on a lack of understanding and shared experience. Some people say WoW is prototyping the future of work and some people say Second Life represents the future of the Internet. Obviously something important is happening with each.


Enter SLoW. A first attempt towards uniting both ends of the virtual world spectrum by providing a temporary bridge (or at least a window) between them.


SLoW will bring SL and WoW together in a mixed-virtual reality event (see The Happening for an example of a mixed-reality event connecting the real and virtual worlds). Live footage of World of Warcraft will be streamed into Second Life and conversations will happen between the two worlds via VoIP and IRC. WoW-themed avatars and environments will also be constructed within SL to heighten the exchange, and hopefully some machinima will be produced. (See the World of Warcraft South Park episode.)


The event is in planning stages. Please contact Jerry Paffendorf at jerry@electricsheepcompany.com to get involved. Don't be shy: the network always wins and many hands make light work. Add your ideas to this wiki, sign-up your WoW guild to participate, volunteer environment creation in SL, streaming video servers, whatever you can think of.


Unite the metaverse! Recommended reading: When Virtual Worlds Collide, a Wired article by Steven Johnson.


__SLoW cross-world elements and ideas__


__System Architecture__


__Sign-up to get involved or volunteer__


WoW guilds

SL locations

SL builders and scripters

Graphic and Web designers


Streaming servers

System Architecture



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